Jongin doing  the “heart-beating” move and gets shy afterwards.

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G-Dragon called racist slur, “ching chong”, at Paris Fashion Week caught on video



In a video on YouTube that has recently resurfaced, fans have discovered that while G-Dragon was in Paris for Fashion Week in June, he was called racial slurs.

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GD: Too glam to give a damn

Youngbae (cutely) trolling the fans once again x

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when a wild kyungsoo jumps on minseok

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“Daesung speaks about his dissapointment and Seunghyun’s body”

Daesung: My biggest dissapointment is that I never got to see what’s under Seunghyun hyung’s shirt…

T.O.P: Skin and two nipples. What the hell is wrong with you? You have the same!

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What k-dramas taught me

To move slow as fuck

To talk to yourself

Out there there's a very rich guy who fell in love with you and his mother won't like you

Look shocked when a guy shows his chest and start screaming

Also look shocked and scared when you and the guy touch each other's lips

The guy will get to kiss you first,and you will stay still because remember 'you're shocked'

The guy will be an asshole at the beginning but he will end up loving you so freaking much

There are 2 guys who love you,and they will fight for you and punch each other

If something happens , one of the guys will randomly be like 10 meters away from you to save you

You will get a piggy back from a cute guy

There's a problem?Oh,don't worry,you could always get to dress like a boy

Poor people are mostly good people

Usually there's one rich boy and one poor girl

Even if 1 year passes you will all meet and have the same hair length and style

How you doing? The name’s Flynn Rider.

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If YG artists/staff Voiced A GPS

GD: You made the turn! Hashtag dope. Hashtag swag.

CL: Like, in the next 200 metres, um, like, turn left, you know?

Dara: WHASSAP! We gotta make that turn soon! Nolza!!!

Seungri: This is real Seungri's voice! Trust me!

Hwangssabu: Yo ~ Why don't you stop the car and get some exercise? 40 minutes. Running.

Bom: Let's get some corn instead.

YG: Yah! The estimated time of arrival is 5 minutes... Your destination has been postponed to 10 minutes from now. Actually, due to poor planning, your destination arrival time has been postponed indefinitely.